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Japanwala Group is an established name today as a diversified and successful business group in Karachi, Pakistan. It is the philosophy, leadership and business acumen of its founder Mr. Mansoor Japanwala that the group rose to its zenith and is successfully expanding its operations at a steady pace today.

The company through its radiator brand controls more than 40% of the Pakistan’s radiator market share.
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Service level agreements (SLAs) offered by Curve Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a single, comprehensive support agreement delivered through our certified engineers and technicians that gives the customer peace of mind. It provides the customer with unlimited access to the latest technology, backup of spare parts and the best troubleshooting experience, anytime, anywhere. In this era of shrinking resources and budgets, Our SLAs allow the customer to ensure their ICT/ELV infrastructure always provides consistent performance and availability with predictable costs that can be budgeted as operating expenditures (OPEX).

& Development

Our customers can increase profitability and ensure company growth by leveraging new digital transformation-enabled technologies. Our offered training services can help broaden skills and knowledge, accelerate technology adoption, and increase employee efficiency and KPIs.

Curve Technologies is uniquely positioned to offer Partners and Customers insightful ICT/ELV training and design support. We provide customer with the tools to autonomously manage and use ICT/ELV solutions efficiently and with confidence. Participants benefit from Curve Technologies experience in design, innovative delivery methods, and approach to problem solving.

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