Our Group

Japanwala Group is an established name today as a diversified and successful business group in Karachi, Pakistan. It is the philosophy, leadership and business acumen of the founder, Mr. Mansoor Japanwala that the group rose to its zenith and is successfully expanding their operations at a steady pace today. the organization has experienced a multi-level expansion, diversification, and transformation under the esteemed management and direction of Mr. Sohail and Mr. Jawed Japanwala, sons of Mr. Mansoor Japanwala.

Group Profile

Curve Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a part of prestigious Japanwala Group. Our companies include

  • 01 Nationwide Industries (Private) Limited
  • 02 Japan Auto
  • 03 Excel Industries
  • 04 Model Enterprise (Private) Limited
  • 05 Model Transport System
  • 06 L’Energie Solutions

Who We Are

Curve Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT powerhouse in Pakistan where ICT infrastructure, applications & services using integrated & state-of-the-art technology is promoted to help achieve business goals. It stepped into the panorama of Information Technology in 2001. It offers a range of customized IT solutions to enhance customer experience.

Corporate Vision

Our vision is to achieve sustainable and quality growth through:



Provide customized solutions to our customers that fit their business needs and help them prosper while keeping a keen eye on customer satisfaction and quality control.



To bring together and develop the best people from the industry to create unparallaled synergy, ensuring customer satisfaction and long term growth.



Create and sustain a strong network of partners ensuring cutting edge solutions to satisfy customer needs with focus on financial feasibility and quality control.

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