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Data Center Solutions

We bring you solutions to modernize the Data Centre powered with next-generation applications which transforms the IT service lifecycle with IT automation. Curve Technologies Datacenter solutions and products are innovatively designed and engineered to contain Power, Cooling and IT Equipment in required form factors that can be designed and scaled on-demand. The containers offer customers challenged by design, build and maintenance costs a new approach to deploying data centers quickly and cost effectively.

Following are the products and services that we offer

  • 01 Core Networking Infrastructure
  • 02 Computing & Storage
  • 03 Environmental Control System
  • 04 Copper and Fiber Structured Cabling
  • 05 Servers/Networking Racks
  • 06 IP-based PDUs
  • 07 KVM solutions
  • 08 Raised Flooring
  • 09 Mirco Datacenter solutions

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